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Relationship Revolution

If you're going to be in a relationship, be in a                 one!


Imagine if...

You feel confident that your marriage can withstand anything because you have a full toolbox of tools to take care of it.

Instead of saying "It's fine" {sigh} when talking about your relationship or marriage, you say "It's really great!" and mean it?

Creating a great relationship full of passion, play & partnership is easier than you might think!

You didn't just dream of marriage being a  lifelong ADVENTURE, but actually lived as if it was?

Your marriage was your favorite place to be?

What if...

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All you had to do to REVOLUTIONIZE your relationship was to intentionally DESIGN it?

We treat our homes with so much love, intention and attention to make it functional, secur

Real Talk

Let's get real about relationships & marriage. Most of us weren't taught how to create strong, meaningful marriages. 


For most of us, the best role models we had were our parents. 


For some of you, that taught you more about what you don't want from a marriage than what you do want, but that certainly didn't teach you how to do marriage well.  

And for others, your parents may have seemingly had a perfect marriage, but that probably wasn't realistic, and so you also didn't learn how to handle conflict or deal with challenges in marriage. 

In fact, most of us are just winging it and so it often just feels really hard. 

What if . . .

it didn't have to be so hard?

Design Your Relationship

Think about how highly you value your home. My guess is that you are intentional when it comes to designing, maintaining and decorating your home, and even remodeling or redecorating it when your needs change so that you get more enjoyment, security and comfort from it.

What if we were just as intentional about designing our relationships & marriages?

You know that when you have clarity about what it is that you want in your home (like the style of sofa or feel of a room), that it's much easier to find or create it, right?


Well, when you get clarity around what it is you REALLY want in your relationship or marriage, it becomes much easier to make it a reality.

That's being intentional.

It doesn't matter if you're creating a new  relationship or marriage or you've been in a one for decades.  It's all about moving forward to create what you want.  

You can use the past as wisdom to inform you of what you want (or don't want), but no need to go back there.  We work to create the relationship that works for you NOW and going forward.

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What is Relationship Architecture?

When you want to design or remodel a home, you hire an architect, right?  

An architect helps you determine what it is you REALLY want in your home and then uses their expertise to incorporate it all into the design that is custom to YOU.

It's a collaboration.  You work together to design the overall best space that will bring you function, joy, comfort and security. An architect helps you see opportunities and points out challenges so that you can create the most perfect space possible - for YOU.


The architect does not tell you what to do, but rather guides you to decide on the design that feels best - for YOU.


That's exactly how I help my clients, but with their relationship/marriage.

Your relationship or marriage is your EMOTIONAL HOME.

What could you create if you gave it the intention and attention you give to your physical home?

Curious?  Schedule a Discovery Call

Just like your needs for your home may change throughout the years, so do the needs of your relationship! 

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.
-Audrey Hepburn


Just a few thoughts. . . 


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Premarital & Early Marriage Architecture

This isn't just a surface level program to see if you're ready to become married; this is a 12 week deep dive to prepare & teach you to actually BE married.  It's full of ideas and tools that you can use for your entire marriage. 

This program is also great if you are in your first years of marriage. 

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Private Architecture

We work privately to design and build the relationship/marriage you are craving.  We'll have a consultation to decide if this is custom build, a remodel, or a refresh and create a plan to architect it together. 

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Relationship Revolution

Coming Soon!

Having a great community surrounding you is a big part of feeling "at home" in your home.  The same is true in your relationship.  This is your community for laughter, love and support for all things related to your relationship/marriage. 



"Allison has the ability to truly relate to her clients on many levels, through many life experiences of her own. Further, she presents herself in an open, non-judgmental way that allows me to feel comfortable and willing to discuss some parts of life that are hard to admit need changing. Only someone who is truly passionate to their job and authentic in their approach can bring clients to truly identify their own areas of growth, and from there, find effective ways to help."
Stephanie G.
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