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Come as You Are

This is a fantastic book to understand the science and psychology of female sexuality.  Sex isn't always the easiest thing to discuss and this book will help both partners not only understand the dynamics of women's sexuality, but it's also a great way to open dialogue about your sex life.


It's also full of real life stories that makes it relatable and applicable.  This is a great read for both men and women, regardless of how fabulous or not-so-fabulous your sex life is, and I highly encourage you to read it and discuss it together.

Erotic Blueprint Quiz.png

Erotic Blueprint Quiz

We loved this quiz that helped us understand our Sexual Blueprint Type (there are 5).  Not only did it help us each understand ourselves better (oh, that's why X really turns me on!), it absolutely helped us understand what types of things turn each other on.  Just by taking this quiz, our sex life improved and became a whole lot more playful and interesting! 

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The Five Love Languages

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