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Create a Relationship You Love

Add more partnership, passion and play to your relationship or marriage!

Create a Relationship You Love

Feeling unsatisfied in your relationship or marriage? Maybe it's already good, but are you wanting to make it great? If so, this "playshop" (workshop) is for you!

Many of us know that we want something different or something more in our marriage, but we get stuck with how to make that happen. We often get stuck because either A) we are trying to get away from or stop what we do NOT want or B) we don't have enough clarity around what we DO want in our marriage. Either way, the first step to creating a relationship we love is to create true clarity for ourselves and that is what this playshop is all about. When clarity is created, the ways to make that a reality become much more clear and simple.

In this "playshop", in three simple steps, you'll not only create clarity by dreaming big, but also a specific, tangible plan to create a marriage or relationship that is fulfilling and meaningful to you, full of all the passion, partnership and play you desire.

This is a tool you'll be able to use over and over again, not only to create a marriage or relationship you love, but to create a LIFE that you love!

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