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You have more power than you realize!

Even if your partner isn't on board with getting support in your relationship or marriage, that certainly doesn't mean you are stuck settling for a less than stellar one. 

You actually have much more power & influence within (not over) your relationship than you realize, without nagging, strong-arming or guilting your partner.

If you are ready to tap into that power, and committed to improving both your relationship with your partner AND yourself, this opportunity to work together is for you.

Schedule a get acquainted call where I can answer all your questions and we can see if this would be supportive for you! 


For a group or as a podcast guest!

As a woman who went through divorce not once, but twice, and blended families multiple times, I am SO passionate about sharing my experience, knowledge, and perspective with others about what it takes to create a great relationship. 

Schedule a connection call to discuss your speaking opportunity!



Relationship Revolution.png

Relationship Revolution

A community

Do you wish you had people that you could connect with that valued their relationship & marriage as much as you did?

A place to go to get ideas and support to keep your relationship strong and healthy?

A place to go to share your challenges in an understanding space where you'll get encouragement and suggestions to make it better.

A place for both you and your partner to connect with other couples through fun events?

A place where we step out of the old ideas of marriage being the "old ball and chain" and into the idea of "a adventure full of passion, play & partnership".

If so, stay tuned because this community is coming soon!

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