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Remodel Architecture

Think of remodeling your home.  Typically, you can pinpoint a room(s) in your home that isn't working so well for you, or perhaps it just needs a refresh!

So what do you do?  You give it remodel!

Even if it might be many spaces, you typically focus on one space at a time, and that is what these programs are all about. 


Think of each one like remodeling a specific room in your house, but it's a specific area in your relationship.

These programs are a deeper dive into the topic (especially if you've done the Happy Ever After program) and will give you more clarity, more guidance and more tools to make that "room" in your relationship exactly as you'd like it! 

* These are currently in development, so if there is a specific one that is of value to you, please reach out for more information, program start dates and cost. 

Finance Remodel

Consultant at work

This program will teach you how to:

  • Open up communication and create partnership around your finances

  • Create a plan to manage your finances that works for both of you, even if you have different money archetypes.

  • Develop a budget (including a budget system) that you both can commit to.

  • Create financial goals (vacations, retirement, home improvement) that you both can be excited about.

Communication Remodel

In this program, you'll learn

  • The 3 layers of communication and how to use them all to strengthen your communication & connection

  • The power of holding space for each other and how to do that

  • How to ask thoughtful questions that don't put each other on the defense

  • The importance of "saying the thing" and using words to get your needs met.

  • Your conflict style and why it matters

  • How to handle conflict in a constructive way

Loving Couple

Household Management Remodel

Ironing a Shirt

In this program you will 

  • Identify all the responsibilities that are handled within your home.

  • Create a system that works for your household that creates responsibility and accountability for all the things that need to happen to keep the house running smoothly.

  • Strengthen your partnership

  • Create a new level of gratitude (and an ongoing practice) for all that you each contribute to your family.

Sex & Intimacy Remodel

In this program, you'll:

  • Learn why both emotional & physical intimacy is essential to creating a meaningful & fulfilling relationship.

  • Identify what's getting in the way of intimacy

  • Learn how to talk openly and safely about sex, so that both of your needs are getting met

  • Identify your sexual type and how to honor that for each other. 

Indian Couple
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