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Manage Your Life - Together: A Self-Guided Workshop

Create more partnership in your relationship by re-balancing the chores and responsibilities it takes to create a healthy, happy home in a in a collaborate, understanding way.

Manage Your Life - Together: A Self-Guided Workshop

Feeling that all the responsibilities of taking care of a household and family are a little (or a lot) unbalanced? You're not alone!

There are so many chores, obligations and responsibilities that need to be handled in order to keep your family and home happy and healthy - emotional, financial, physical, and mental. It's not uncommon for one partner to handle more than the lion's share of those things. And even if it seems balanced, are you each contributing to the household in the most effective and efficient way that creates the most amount of satisfaction, joy and accomplishment possible?

Using the simple tools included in this self-guided workshop, you will create a balance of those responsibilities in your relationship from a place of love, respect, and partnership - working together as a team.

This workshop will create not only a *new balance* of responsibilities by leveraging each partner's strengths and preferences, but a new level of appreciation and respect for what each person brings and will bring to the relationship.

In this workshop, balance isn't determined primarily by the to-do list of each person, because each chore isn't created equally in terms of time, energy or frequency. Creating a balance means both partner's will have relatively the same amount of free or down-time each week.

It's also a great tool to use to re-balance and re-prioritize responsibilities when life circumstances change (think of one partner going back to school, traveling for work, starting a business etc). Your relationship needs to be fluid; it's not a one-and-done experience.

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