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Beyond the Wedding

Premarital & Early Marriage Architecture Program

So you've been planning your wedding for months, maybe even years, so you're ready to BECOME married, but are you ready to BE married?  

Do you want your transition into marriage to be as simple and joyful as possible?

Are you nervous how things will go once you're actually married?

Do you ever wonder what it is that you don't yet know about being married?

Do you want to really make sure that you don't become a divorce statistic?

Do you want to make the dream of living "happy ever after" a reality?

To protect your love and make those first steps into marriage as easy as possible, join our


premarital & early marriage coaching program

Beyond the Wedding

Married Couple

You have spent months of time, energy and lots and lots of money to make your wedding day the most memorable day of your life!  It signifies the start of the "rest of your life" of creating a home and family with your partner. It all feels like a fairy tale, living happily ever after, as it should!

And....likely, you and your partner have no idea what actually lie ahead. You will shift from the romance of it all into "real life", and I'm here to help you navigate what that will look like.

Statistics say that:

  • 41% of first marriages will end in divorce

  • 67% of second marriages end in divorce

  • 75% of third marriages end in divorce

  • The average length of marriage is 8.2 years

  • 60% of all divorces involve people ages 25-39

  • Years 1-2 of your marriage are considered at "High Risk" for divorce

Most couples don't know what they don't know about marriage. We aren't taught how to be married.  While there isn't an absolute formula to create a perfect marriage, there are some fundamental principles, best practices and philosophies that can not only help you avoid becoming a statistic, but can support you in creating a joyful, meaningful and fulfilling marriage.

A great marriage is all about great passion, play & partnership. "Love" alone will not create a great marriage.

Image by Jonathan Borba

Your Marriage

Think about how much Intention and Attention people give to their homes.

Decorating, maintaining, fixing, updating, remodeling.


Even day to day tidying and cleaning!

What would be possible if we gave our marriage that same level of Intention & Attention?

That's what it means to 'Architect Your Marriage'.

It means giving your marriage Intention & Attention so that it stays fresh, comfortable, functional, safe and healthy, just like your home.

How to Architect Your Marriage


Just like any building, your marriage needs to start with a Vision and a Purpose. It needs a "Big Why".  This is more than just "because we love each other". 


Just like building a custom home, you work with an architect to design a blueprint in which to build your dream marriage. Consider each room in your home a topic in your marriage: Finances, Communication, Intimacy etc.


Once you have a blueprint, it's much easier to build the marriage because you now have directions on what to do next.  Less winging it, and a much sturdier marriage.  You also have lots of tools to make the construction (and repair) much easier.

In this 12 Week Program, you will

  • Create Your Vision

  • Design Your Blueprint and

  • Start Building Your Dream Marriage

Weeks 1-2:  You'll learn the core principles of building a strong marriage, create your big vision and build the foundation

Weeks 3-11: Each week, we'll add on to your blueprint by focusing on a specific topic. You'll also start to build out that area of your relationship.

  • Communication

  • Finances

  • Family

  • Household Management

  • Careers & Goal Setting

  • Support & Spirituality*

  • Sex & Intimacy

  • Nurturing the Relationship

  • Self Care

Week 12: How to continue to build your marriage beyond the program & beyond the wedding using the tools and resources shared in the program. 

*Spirituality is not a specific teaching, but rather opening a dialog between the two of you in terms of what that means in your specific lives.

This program is for you if...​

You desire to keep the romance and passion alive throughout your marriage (because when you learn how to simplify the day-to-day stuff, it leaves more time & energy for the fun stuff)!
You want to skip over the road bumps of learning how to be married and enjoy a much more peaceful and loving partnership right from the start.
You want a marriage full of teamwork & partnership, so that you know each and every day that you are there for each other.
You know there are some areas in your relationship that could use some TLC and want to nurture them, rather than ignore them.
You desire a relationship that is full of laughter and play, not angst and arguing.
You'd love to have a tool box full of the right tools to help you take care of your relationship if it's starts to break down, even in little ways.
You believe in the adage that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Not Your Typical Premarital Program

This program is NOT:

  • Just about confirming your compatibility with each other.

  • Just a box to check to say you're ready for the wedding.

  • Full of un-relatable "perfect" couples giving lectures about how to create a perfect marriage, with no actual interaction or support.

  • A one-and-done course that has no use once it's over.

  • Full of religious doctrine that you may not subscribe to (in fact, there is no religious doctrine in this program whatsoever).

  • A rule-book for how to "live happily ever after". 

This program IS:

  • A FUN, interactive program that will bring you and your partner even closer together. 

  • Full of tools and exercises that you can use over and over again throughout your entire marriage.

  • Created knowing that there will be challenges in every marriage and to normalize that and address them.

  • Built knowing the real goal is a great marriage, not a perfect one.

  • Preparation for how to handle the real life, day to day stuff that marriage will throw your way, so you won't be blind-sided or taken out by it.

  • Facilitated by a relatable, trained coach that has gone through just about it all when it comes to relationships.

  • An opportunity to work intentionally with your partner to build a blueprint for your marriage that works for both of you.

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A couple other important notes...

This program is just as valuable to you after the wedding, especially in the first year.  No need to try to cram it in prior to the wedding if it feels too overwhelming.

This makes a great wedding gift! If you're not sure what to ask for, ask for money to invest in your marriage right from the get-go.

Getting and being married are not a requirement for this program.  It truly is valuable to anyone that wants to strengthen and grow their committed relationship.

You are absolutely welcome and still receive just as much value by doing this program alone, and bringing your new wisdom to your partner directly or indirectly.  No need to pass it by because your partner may not be on board.  You will be coached on how to bring these conversations and tools to your partner in a gentle and natural way. 

Program Details

What Clients are Saying. . .

"There is a common fear around getting relationship “Counseling’, that there could be something wrong with the relationship, people will find out there are issues and maybe the relationship won't make it in the long run. Coach Allison and her compassionate program take all of those fears away. This course was nothing but a positive, educational, and fun experience, providing opportunity for growth and awareness, offering ideas, support, and a wealth of information. The 12 week Pre-Marital Workshop covers an extensive variety of topics from Communication to Dating to Goals, Chores, and Family, to ensure that there are no curve balls post wedding ceremony. Allison will equip you and your partner with a full tool kit to successfully manage and navigate dings that may appear on your “Home”. She is passionate about this topic and that passion was contagious throughout the 12 weeks. I highly recommend Coach Allison to anyone pre-Marital, or in any relationship stage, and look forward to seeing what other programs she offers in the future."

-Daisy C.

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Included in your Beyond the Wedding - GOLD  Program:

❅ 12 Modules, delivered weekly, for you and your partner to learn and engage with on your own time frame and at your own pace, which allows lots of time and opportunity for deep and powerful conversations.

❅ 12 Weekly, live, 90 minute interactive sessions (replays available), facilitated by Allison and Austin. Come with questions, feedback and join in discussion around that week's content.

❅ Personal check-ins for accountability and support.


❅ Digital downloadable Workbook to guide you through all the content and help you build your blueprints. 

❅ Tools and exercises for your toolbox to strengthen, grow and remodel/repair your marriage/relationship include:

  • How to divvy up household management responsibilities.

  • Decision-making Simplified 

  • The "Ways to Love Me" list

  • Giving and Receiving Support framework.

  • Simple ways to level-up your relationship under the covers. 

  • And much much more    

❅ Lifetime access to all module content.


Your investment: 100% commitment and $2,997

Included in your Beyond the Wedding - platinum  Program:

Limited to 5 Power Couples who want nothing but the BEST life has to offer.

 Everything in Gold

❅ (1) 90 minute Visioning Session

  (6) 60 minute private coaching sessions - (2) couples sessions and (2) individual sessions for each partner

Your investment: 200% commitment and $4.997

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