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Our Story

Welcome! We know it's so important to know, like and trust the people "behind the curtain" of  any business.  We invite you to spend a couple minutes here to get to know the people behind the 'Relationship Revolution' curtain and know that we can't wait to get to know you as well! 



Our mission is to revolutionize the way people grow, nurture and strengthen their marriages/relationships, so that creating a great  relationship is the new normal, not the exception. 



Our vision is for people to know they are worthy and capable of creating and enjoying a relationship full of all the passion, play and partnership they crave, according to their own wants, needs and desires so that all relationships are GREAT relationships! 


Allison Orlovsky
Lead Architect & founder

It was hard to understand how I could be divorced, not once, but twice by the age of 35.  But there I was, a single mom, again, with 3 kids under the age of 10.  I was determined to do the work to make sure that if I got married again, it would be "Third time is a charm", and not "Three strikes and you're out"!

For the last 10+ years, I've been dedicated to my personal development, to learning where I went wrong, what I could do better and what it really takes to create a great relationship!  

I'm always growing, evolving and walking the walk in my own relationship with Austin, who has been my partner for the last eight years.  While it hasn't been perfect, that isn't my goal.  My goal is a relationship that is full of passion, play and partnership, deep intimacy and unconditional love and support, and that I definitely have!

In addition to creating my own great relationship, I've learned so much about blending families, as I've blended my own family twice and have dealt with so much more in terms of ex-spouses remarrying and even divorcing and what's that meant for all our children.  Simply ask me more if this is an area you'd like support with. 

And the greater purpose for all that I've experienced and learned is to help you architect your own wonderful relationship, marriage and family. 

We can ALL have a great relationship, and if you're going to be in a relationship, it should be a GREAT one! 

Austin Tseu
Lead Architect

When I married and decided to have kids, I told myself that divorce was not an option. I told myself I would not put my kids thought the same thing I experienced growing up, having to split time between two houses and only getting to see one parent a small amount of time. However, after years of trying to “make it work” to protect our kids, my ex-wife and I realized that we were not doing our kids any favors. So, after 13 years of marriage, we divorced.


After my divorce, my personal development became a necessity for me. I needed to understand the role I played in the failed marriage. I also needed to understand what I needed from my next relationship.


After being in a relationship for over 17 years, had no idea where to start in figuring those things out. So how did I start my personal development journey? By reading books from pick-up artists on how to get women! I quickly learned that was not my personality and was not something that I aligned with.  But I kept learning, reading, doing the deeper internal work.

One of the things I did learn is that I needed to listen more than I spoke and that I needed to ask questions to get clarity on what desires the other person had and then authentically give my feedback in the places that I could help.


These learnings have helped me build a strong and loving relationship with Allison. I have found a partner that I can support and who will support me back.  Allison and I are also constantly learning, growing and changing with each other, which makes this relationship a great life-long adventure.


As a marriage architect, I won’t tell you what to do to make your marriage and relationship great because your experiences, beliefs and values might be different than mine and your definition of "great" might be different than mine.  What I will do is offer insight, perspective, and ask lots of questions to help you create clarity about what it is you really want so that you can actually have the marriage you truly desire.  

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