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Premarital & Early Marriage Architecture

This isn't just a surface level program to see if you're ready to become married; this is a 12 week deep dive to prepare you to actually BE married.  It's full of ideas and tools that you can use for your entire marriage.

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Relationship Revolution
Community - In Design!

Having a great community surrounding you is a big part of feeling "at home" in your home.  The same is true in your relationship.  This is your community for laughter, love and support for all things related to your relationship/marriage. 

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Couple's Private Architecture

We work privately to design and build the relationship/marriage you are craving.  We'll have a consultation to decide if this is custom build, a remodel, or a refresh and create a plan to architect it together. 

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Individual Private Architecture

If you'd like private support without your partner, or your partner isn't on board, I'm here for you.  You have so much power over your own life, and I'd love to help you tap into that! 

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Relationship Remodels

These are topic-focused programs and courses that will help you remodel and refresh areas of your relationship, such as communication, finances and intimacy. 

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Speaking (including Podcasts)

I love to speak and share what I'm most passionate about because our relationships impact every area of our life, including our well-being and our careers. Reach out to see if this would be a good fit.

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