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Manage Your Life - Together

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Co-create more balance and partnership when it comes to managing chores & responsibilities in your relationship.

Creating healthy partnership  is one of the most difficult aspects of a happy marriage/relationship.  In this workshop, you'll learn how to collaborate so that the balance of responsibilities feels good for both partners, you each get to do the things you enjoy and leverage your strengths while avoiding your weaknesses so that your household can run smoothly and seamlessly, which leaves more time for fun and play!

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Design a Relationship You LOVE

Add more partnership, passion and play to your relationship in the fun playshop.

Feeling unsatisfied in your relationship or marriage?  Maybe it's already good, but are you wanting to make it great? If so, this playshop ('cause let's try to make this more like play than work) is for you!

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100 Conversation Starters - Vol. 1

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Create laughter, connection, and deeper intimacy in your relationship or marriage!

Wanting to have a conversation with your partner that ISN'T about the kids, house or work, but mind going totally blank?  Listening to all the relationship experts that tell you to go on dates and NOT to talk about the day-to-day stuff, and end up eating in silence because you have no idea of what else to talk about?  If so, this fun resource is for you!

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Products We Love

Our favorite books, tools & resources

On this page are all our favorites.  These are the tools, resources, courses etc that we have used to learn more about what it takes to create relationships, as well as the things that help us keep it happy and healthy!

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